As I am diligently working my way through my first batch ever, ive noticed that some of my bottles are well carbed and others… well… not so much. Any thoughts? Theyve all been bottle conditioned for two weeks or better.

Your priming sugar might not have been evenly distributed, assuming you primed the whole batch.

It helps to occasionally stir as you’re bottling.

And give them more time. Moving them to a warmer spot can help as well.

Thanks for the advice. I did prime the whole batch but I added the priming sugar towards the top of the batch not realizing I should have stirred while adding. The flavor and body of the beer are spot on but just flat. I have since moved a case and a half to a warmer spot and slightly agitated them. Hopefully, this helps. Next time, I’ll mix in the priming solution more evenly and stir. Again, all the advice is appreciated.

Yep, this is pretty common. I think it’s happened to most of us as beginners. I leave my racking tubing a bit long and let it curl around the inside of my bottling bucket so the beer swirls gently as it’s being racked over. I then add my hot priming sugar/water mix about 1/3 of the way into racking. A couple gentle stirs with a sanitized spoon at the end and it should all be mixed in pretty well.

Ideally you would pour the priming solution into the bottom of the bottling bucket and rack the beer into the bucket in such a way that it swirls and mixes with the priming solution. Then when you’re bottling, give the beer a gentle swirl with a sanitized spoon every 6 pack or so for a bit of insurance.

But 2 weeks is not sufficient time to expect all of the bottles to be carbonated.