Putting dry yeast into the carboy?

Hello. I have only used buckets for primary fermentation and want to switch to glass carboys instead. After I aerate the wort in the carboy, is it ok to just pour the dry yeast packet straight into the carboy? I always sprinkle it on top when I use a bucket but don’t really know how to go about this using a carboy. Also do you prefer to use a funnel and pour the wort into the carboy and the shake it or do you pour into a bucket first and then siphon it? Thanks for the help.

When I used carboys, I’d use either a funnel or tubing to xfer wort to them. Pouring the dry yeast into the carboy is fine, assuming you don’t want to rehydrate it (I don’t, lot of people do). I switched from carboys to buckets many years ago and I’ll never go back.