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Pure sugar

What happens if you put 6 lbs of pure refined cane sugar into 5 gallons of water and add yeast? Will the lack of other nutrients cause the yeast to be ineffective? Or will the fermentation process take place properly?

Take a look at this

. It would partly depend on the yeast.

Unless you’re using a turbo and plan on making fuel, I’d recommend some nutrients and a pH adjustment.

I make sugar wine to use with my lemon wine. I’ve tried several different yeasts both with and without nutrients/pH adjustment. The ones with nutrients and a pH adjustment always finish and have a (relatively) clean flavor/mouthfeel. The ones without nutrients/pH adjustment have been a mixed bag. A few finished but most ended up stuck … and they all had off flavors and a “hot” mouthfeel … some worse than others (which I attribute to the yeast selection).

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