Pure Pitch vs liquid yeast

White Labs WLP001 California Ale - PurePitch
White Labs WLP001 California Ale
As far as pitching…
Can I just pitch right into fermenter like I do dry yeast with either of the two

With liquid yeasts you should take a look at a pitch rate/starter calculator for the volume and OG of your brew. Liquid yeasts lose viability from the date they are produced. White labs has a best to use by date on their packaging. The best to use by date I think is 6 months from the production date for ale yeasts.

You can find the production date of your yeast here.

This is the calculator I like to use.

So I’m assuming Pure pitch can be pitched without starter

They’re the same thing. When white labs switched packaging they went to the pure pitch. The yeast is actually grown in the vessel.

I would recommend you research starters if you’re using liquid yeast.

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Ok … Found my answer thanks

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How do you aerate the wort?

Shake the hell out of it.

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Yes, best way is to make a starter with either package. Treat them both the same. If you want to drop the coin for an oxygenation kit, you really can get away with skipping the starter for beer styles where yeast character is appropriate. As in, anything but IPAs and lagers, or other styles that you want as clean as possible. I prefer to over-oxygenate and under-pitch, but opinions vary in this area.

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