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Purchase of New Regulator for Carbing

I originally posted this viewtopic.php?f=3&t=121680 on the draft systems board with not much luck so I am reposting on the main board.

I am looking to purchase a new regulator for carbing outside of the kegerator since there is not much space inside my three tap keezer. I have a 5# tank inside the keezer and just picked up a 20# for very cheap.

Right now I have a Taprite Dual Body regulator with 1 gas line coming off one regulator and a two way air distributor coming off of the other.

I am not sure what direction to go in with the next regulator. I don’t see myself carbing more then two at a time. I am interested in having the option (cost dependent) of tapping a sanke tap.

Any suggestions for a direction that I should go in?

If you have the capacity of lines you need, what’s the question? For a sankey tap you can simply use 1/4" swivel nuts on both the gas and liquid lines. This would allow you to switch between corny kegs and commercial kegs by using threaded 1/4" tail pieces.

I have three gas lines for the three taps that I have. I do not have any extra gas lines or space in the keezer to carb. I bought the extra tank to carb exterior to the keezer so that I don’t have down time with a keg carbing inside the keezer on one of the three gas lines. I need to buy an extra regulator, but I am not sure if people have multiple lines on a second reg or a dual body, etc.

I use a chudnow from I love the pressure release and i have been using them for a couple years now with no issues.

I see. I have 3 tanks. I have 2 dual bodies and 1 single body. Both dual bodies have a splice off one body (3 lines total). My single body is connected to a 3 way distributor. I run 1/4" swivel nuts throughout so I can simply unhook lines if I need to take tank for traveling purposes or switch to a commercial coupler.

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