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Pungent, Resiny hops for UK IPA

I tried searching and wound up with alot of hop ideas for an IPA, mostly everyone has a favorite hop for their tastes.
I want to put one together with a stiff crystal background with enough " Resin " to cut through it.
10 # Maris Otter & 1 # Munich for the base
7% Caramalt (35*), 5% Medium (55*), 3% Dark (75*)
Estimating OG ~ 1.075, shooting for 1.018-20 FG.
Thinking to use London ESB to lock in the maltiness.
I vision blurring the line between Old ale and India ale and get both in the glass at the same time. Fat glass of hops.
Having a hard time trying to find hops that their descriptions don’t contradict on different websites.
A few of the higher AA UK hops look interesting, and I’ve never tried these. Pick one or two and hit it hard late?
Phoenix, Pilgrim, Progress, Northdown… Anybody use/ smell any of these lately?
Open to any/all suggestions, recipies that worked for you,sulfate water, your favorite stinky UK dryhop, etc.
Struggling with the hop options, would like something stankier than EKG for a change.

Not sure what kind of plants you have out there, but you may consider using something other than hops for what you are after. I brewed a beer with redwood last year and I would definitely describe it as resiny.

I’ve got a pilgrim ipa in the works so i don’t know how its going to taste yet, but the guys over on forum say its like “tutie fruity.” I think that means its a fruity sort of hop :wink:

I looked at Pilgrim some more, I like the high AA, not sure that I want it that fruity.
What I am finding promising is Progress,
Found some descripters I’m liking on UK sites,
Strong floral, very resiny,high resin content, dual purpose, dry hop hoppy UK ales.
Possibly bitter with Challenger/Target and finish/dry hop with a load of Progress.
Either I really am that bad at the internet or these UK varieties are just hard to find.

Alright I got a bunch of hops because I was’nt sure on the current AA’s.
I’m going to cut it back to 1 1/2# of crystal, 12 oz 35*, 8 oz 55*, 4 oz 75*. OG ~1.075.
Does this sound like " the ticket" ?? Or at least " drinkable " ?
7.2 AA Challenger @ 60, 49 IBU ( 2 oz)
5.8 AA EKG @ 20 and 10, 12 and 7 IBU ( 2 oz, seperate)
3.3 AA First Gold @ flameout ( 2 oz)
7.2 AA Northdown @ secondary (3 oz)

300 PPM sulfate/ 100 chloride. 70 IBU/ 1.075 OG.

Originally half thought about blending all these hops but I was expecting First Gold to bring alot more AA than that.
Looks like it has good co-humulene, for its low AA anyways, and high beta acids. Should make a real nice finishing hop.

I think the Northdown is my best shot at getting a wall of aroma. More co-humulene, AA and BA than the rest.
Unless you think Challenger can really stink it up. Could swap some into the dryhop.


I used a bunch of Brewer’s Gold over several batches. The descriptions said “black currant,” but I found it to be straight-up “resinney.” Research it and see what you think.

Alot of UK hops use the black currant in their descriptions it seems,
Through searching, the best I can come up with is that black currants smell like cat piss.
Which can also be said for some US hops, Simcoe…,
but apparently since black currants are not so popular in the US they instead call this oniony.
I don’t know what cat piss smells like after a 90 minute boil but maybe that is what i’m going after.
So much hops, too damn many descriptions out there.
Might have to brew this one a few times and try some different hops.

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