Pumps and rinse-required sanitizers

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I’m making the jump to pump-assisted all grain brewing. I brewed for a long time, then stopped when I relocated for work and went off to grad school. I’ve got the bug bad again and I’m jumping in head first.

I’ve traditionally used no-rinse sanitizers but the appeal of no-foam sanitizer with my pump setup is interesting to me.

For the potable water rinse, what do you do? I can’t exactly sanitize my garden hose (how I feed water to my brewing setup), but I could flush with boiled water (I have multiple burners) quite easily.

For the “I don’t fear the foam” crowd: are you using stainless QD’s for your connections or are you using a Therminator?



SaniClean is a low/no foam sanitizer from 5Star chemicals.

When brewing on a Sabco system with a plate chiller (older chillzilla), we boil water through the plate chiller and dump that into the MT for part of the runoff. Then cap the vinyl hose. When the boil is done, uncap the line and run the wort out. The line is attached to a conical fermenter at the racking port with the bottom valve open. When the wort starts to run out of the conical, the valve is closed.

So no sanitizers are used post boil. Only boiling water.

Oh, we do clean the system with sodium hydroxide every once in a while. :wink:

Yeah… I’ll stick to a run of SaniClean or PBW versus NaOH or ClO2 (the other big bulk no-rinse, no-foam sanitizer)



SaniClean/StarSan are sanitizers. PBW is a cleaner. Though some would say the oxygenating properties are also a sanitizer.

After the tubing gets dark and cloudy, even after running PBW through them, run some BLC/LLC (NaOH) through them and see them sparkle. :wink:

I use a Sabco system too. I run rinse water though the system at start-up, then boil that water in the kettle and run it through the chiller. Then I mix up some Star-San in the kettle and run that through the chiller and into my fermenters. At clean up, I run hot PBW through the entire system and out through the chiller. Works good for me.