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Pumpkin Winter Warmer - Thoughts Please

I really liked how the Stone/Nogne/Jolly Pumpin holiday ale turned out, so I am thinking of using it as the base for an insanely strong pumpkin winter warmer. I have tweaked a few things to make it work better with the pumpkin, but I am looking for thoughts and advice.

The Pumpkin:
Instead of the usual pie pumpkin, I am going to buy a nice, big blue hubbard squash. I will clean it out and fill the cavity with .5 lbs of dark muscovado brown sugar and .5 lbs of pecans. I will roast it for several hours, until it is soft and caramelized. I will scoop out 3-4 lbs of flesh to add to the mash.

The Malts:
8.0 lb 2-Row Brewers Malt
2.75 lb Rye Malt
2.0 lb 6-Row Brewers Malt
2.0 lb Oat Malt
1.75 lb Munich Malt I
1.0 lb Oats, Flaked
1.0 lb Crystal 150
4.0 oz Special B® MD™
3.0 oz Chocolate Rye
8.0 oz Brown Sugar, Dark

1.5 oz of Columbus or Galena for 90 minutes
No aroma or flavor so not to distract from the pumpkin and spices?

A blend of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, mace, allspice, and a few others that suits my fancy.

I will be bold and try WLP070 Bourbon Yeast… assuming I can get my hands on it.

I am not sure what the gravity will be given the pumpkin and the sugar… but it will probably be well over 1.1000

Do I need 6 row to help convert the pumpkin?

Thoughts? Insults?


I think the recipe looks pretty good…I might add Nugget or Magnum as additional bittering hop given all the sweets going into it.

When I brewed with pumpkin, it stuck my mash something fierce. Same with flakes oats.

If you’re using both, throw in a couple handfuls of rice hulls.

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