Pumpkin wine: Possible infection?

Made pumpkin wine with Red Star Cote Des Blanc yeast.
Went to rack wine today and it had a strange white film floating on top. Wine looked clear underneath it.
This is the first rack after removing the pumpkin and its been fermenting in the primary for a few weeks.

What’s it look like to y’all? Possible infection?
I tasted it, but I could only taste young, fermenting wine.
Not being sure, I went ahead and added campden and racked anyways.

Doesn’t look good. Did you remove most of the film with the extra racking?

Yeah, I tried as much as possible, but you know how that goes.

I hadn’t seen anything like that yet in any of my beer fermentations before…so this really caught my eye.
Looks like this might be a dumper. :frowning: Oh well.