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Pumpkin spice to caribou slobber?

maybe drop the late addition of willamette and add some pumpkin spice for a twist on this classic American brown ale? Looking for something a little different this fall, i haven’t brewed a pumpkin ale in years because of the vast amount on the shelves by late July.


Pumpkin spice added to the CS sounds intriguing, but there is already a lot of notes being played in there. It might make for liquid awesome, but it might also just be brown mud. I’d be worried about the mud.

thanks, yeah, that’s my concern…although the smashing pumpkin calls for a measly amount of pumpkin spice…so I was thinking along those lines…NB ever on here, think they would give me an opinion?

I was considering adding some fall spices (such as pumpkin) to Caribou Slobber and wanted to see if (a) you ended up doing it, and (b) the results? Thanks in advance.

I’ve been refraining from commenting on the pumpkin beer threads that have come up lately, mainly because I don’t care for spiced or fruited brews. That said I think you’re leaning the right way, just a light touch of spice, enough to perceive it but not overwhelm what it’s really all about, beer.

I also think we should quit calling it pumpkin beer since pumpkin has little to do with it and call it something like fall spiced ale.

My pumpkin beers are usually just malty amber to brown ales with pumpkin pie spice. I think the spice needs a slighty sweet beer and a good amount of malt to meld with. Dry spiced beers sometimes seem astringent to me.

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