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Pumpkin seeds

Anyone brew every brew with pumpkin seeds? How much did you use? What was your process?

I’ve tried only one pumpkin beer that I enjoyed and it had a pumpkin seed flavor(wish I remembered what it was). Since the “hey you should make a pumpkin beer” has started I figure ill give it a try this year. Last year I had good intention but “accidentally” left the pumpkin and spices out on brew day :twisted: .

Also here’s my rough plan suggestions/ improvements?

No pumpkin
Very light spice
Pumpkin seeds in secondary - How much??

2-Row 76.9 %
Munich Malt 15.4 %
Aromatic Malt 3.8 %
Special B Malt 3.8 %
Magnum hops - Boil 60.0 min

Pumpkin seeds are chock full of starch and protein. I think you should mash them, not add in secondary. Might be real interesting if mashed. I might recommend using like 2-3 pounds of them for 5 gallons. I wonder if they would also need to be pre-cooked like in a so-called cereal mash to free up the starches before mashing. Couldn’t hurt. But why not. Sounds like an interesting experiment!

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