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Pumpkin Pie in an Bottle Stout

I’ve been reading these threads forever but I finally have a question I haven’t found an answer to without posting. This year I decided to forgo the ubiquitous pumpkin ales that abound this time of year and go with something darker…

I made a pumpkin pie stout… yes I know stouts are more or less ales, but this made me feel like I was doing something different. The beer has just finished primary fermentation, I missed the 5% mark and hit 6% (SG was too high), but that’s not the problem.

The beer tastes great, but there is a bit too much of the cinnamon flavor for me. I was looking at transferring to a secondary fermenter tomorrow to let it mellow out for a week or two. Do you think that cinnamon flavor (while not horrible) will mellow out, or should I add something like a vanilla bean or two to try to mask it a bit?


I’d just let it age out for a good long while. learn from it & try again to suit your tastes.

I don’t honestly know what will happen to cinnamon over time, but I did recently have a pumpking beer that I made a couple of years ago and I was amazed at how well all the spices had melded together. I would suggest sitting on it.

I added way to much cinnomon to my pumpkin ale last year, after about six months it was amazing, but the stuff was almost undrinkable at first, I would bottle it let it age somewhere dark and cool, pop one open every week or two till you get to the perfect flavor.

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