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Pumpkin in garden

Somehow got pumpkin.growing in the yard. Think wife did feed the turtle. And seeds made it into the ground. But. Damn it grows fast. But some part. The leaves turn yellow. The other part. Still green. And flowers going. Now question. To much water. To less. To much sun.

Might be a nutrient deficiency. I assume your soil is pretty sandy there. Maybe some fruit/veggie fertilizer would help?

That might be. The area where i do live cald teracora. Indeed red earth. Only thing grows decent. Papaya. Tree palmtrees. And some. Herbs. It requires lots of water. The pumpkin plant grows. On the side of the house beter than in front of my garden. Think its the sun during the day

THat Pumpkindocumentary is amazing. Competitive pumpkin growers are crazy.

Somewhere I saw someone use a hollowed out pumpkin as a fermenter to make a pumpkin ale or cider.

Yeah me did watch part of this. Weird stuff how huge these pumpkin become. Real mad science

There’s a farm stand down the road from us that brings in huge pumpkins every year from some competitive grower. I think the one last year was like 1600 lbs. It was HUGE. Makes me wonder what the prize ones look like if these are the ones he’s will to part with. I think his biggest one last year was like 2200 lbs. crazy!

If it’s not nutrients or water there is a bacterial infection that causes the older growth to turn yellow then brown. If that is the case then there is a systematic material available to combat it.

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Do you know the name of the product. Me otherwise. Get ready to pull everything from the yard

I use Daconil and copper in my garden. I was mistaken as they are not systemic. There is a systemic product out there but it’s more for a farm setting and not the home gardener.

I wouldn’t use systemic pesticides for food crops. They are systemic in that the poison gets into the structure of the entire plant. There’s no way to simply wash it off and the systemic pesticides will be in every bite you will take.

The systemic I was mentioning is a fungicide and is used quite commonly for cucurbits. I can’t remember the name right now. :crazy_face:

Its national Cherry month…
Inserting fruit in the… fruit thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Time for Kriek planning?

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