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Pumpkin Ale Racking - Filtering


I’ve done some searches online and haven’t found any definitive answers.

My question, how can I void siphoning all the pumpkin at the bottom of the carboy. Looks like the bottom 6 inches are full of floating pumpkin bits.

Any ideas?

Keep the racking cane above the debris.

Us a cloths pin, bread bag clamp or shop clamp.

On your next pumpkin batch, I have 2 suggestions:

1.) If you need to use pumpkin in the beer, add it after flameout in a paint strainer bag. then you can just remove the bag (assuming you are fermenting in buckets)

2.) Don’t use pumpkin. The spices are what make a pumpkin beer taste like pumpkin pie. The only things you are extracting from the actual pumpkin are unfermentable starches and pectins.

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