Pumpkin ale question?

Hi guys I just tried a couple of my Smashing Pumpkin ales.The flavor was really good but the carbonation could be better.I did a primary for two weeks secondary for two weeks and bottled two weeks! Could it need more time in the bottle to carbonate? Thanks!!!

Yes. Two weeks MINIMUM for bottle conditioning.

Thanks so a couple of more weeks could help?

It should. When bottle conditioning make sure you mix the priming solution well and stir every 6 beers or so while bottling. Keep the bottles warm (70°+) and give them time.

Thanks for the help! I’ve been keeping them at about 70!

another technique to try if undercarbonation appears to be evident is to gently upend each bottle once or twice to resuspend the yeast. Usually not necessary but I have done it in the past with reasonable results.