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Pump For Serving Keg Beer

I saw one of these on NB and thought I could make it from stuff I had in the basement. One ball lock gas QD, 1’ beverage tubing, one basketball pump with plastic adapter, and two hose clamps. Granted you won’t want to use this unless you are going to drink the beer all at once since you’re using air to pressurize, but this will keep my from having to lug my CO2 tank and regulator along with the keg.

A paintball tank and a cheap regulator. No worries about foamy beer.

Like a party tap for a commercial keg, you risk over pressurizing the keg with idiots thinking it needs another pump.

Clever idea with your caveat that you must finish all the beer within 24-48 hours. Maybe its best on a 2-1/2 to 3 gallon keg.

There are other options but none cheaper. This is going first to an Ofest where the club is entering several kegs of beers for a homebrew contest. We’ll have someone serving. I suppose if theres leftover beer I can purge with CO2.

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