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Pump based immersion chiller

I built my immersion chiller and with the cold winter days in northern MN I can’t use the outside water line so I am thinking of buying a pump to cycle water through the immersion chiller and into an ice bath where the pump will draw out the water.

My question is, does anyone have suggestions for a pump and for around $50 or maybe less? Been looking at pumps and so far anything under $100 has been receiving less than favorable reviews.

If I have to spend the extra money I will but hoping someone has had some luck with cheap pumps that can give some suggestions.

Here is the one I bought from Menards. I have never had any issues with it and it pumps plenty of water. The connections are easy too since it is standard hose connections. Plus, it also is nice to have around in case you need to pump water out of somewhere. ... c-8673.htm

I also bought mine from Menard’s, but I went with one that is much lower in flow rate / price.

In the summer, I usually let the IC dump to the ground for the first minute or two, when the exiting water is so hot. After that, I let it dump back into the cooler since that’s still cooler than spigot water.

This one is only $19.99 and pumps 140 gph…

Mine is also a flooded craw space pump; it’s an ancient craftsman that actually pumped out my parent’s craw space before Dad passed and Mom moved.

Keep in mind, the water being pumped through the chiller never comes into contact with the wort, so the pump’s interior and lubrication does NOT need to be food-safe like a recirculation pump. That let’s you buy a much cheaper class of pump. (aquarium pumps lack the muscle for this, but that’s just my opinion.)

I use my pump in a “homer bucket” from Home depot. I use just enough water start, and to keep the pump from sucking air then about 15 lbs of ice from my freezer. 20 minutes later I have a bucket of water and a pitchable wort.

A 260 gph pond pump from Harbor Freight for about $20 has worked for me for over five years.

I also use the Harbor Freight 264 gph fountain pump and it works great. It was only $16 including tax. Here is the link for it… It is on still on sale for 14.99. ... 68395.html

I went with the Harbor Freight fountain pump. Really can’t beat $23 with shipping so giving it a try. Thanks for the input, hope it goes well!

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