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Pubkeg question

Got one of these (

)in at work, it totally comes apart, has washers and metal springs. According to their site they can not be reused. has any one of you ever seen one of these or reused it. I think I’m going to take it home and add water and try and carb it up and see what happens. What are your thoughts?

You may not be able to seal it after tapping it the first time, but I bet you could rig up a way to leave a coupler on it and seal it down the line.

From what I’ve read on them, they are one time use (Not meant to be refilled), and their website says they don’t want to sell to homebrewers. How did you get one, you lucky dog? :slight_smile:

There’s some breweries here in town looking to use them for non-restaurant keg sales to cut down on theft, so let me know if you like it!

The sankey head screws off like a pop bottle and there is a rubber o-ring in side, we can tap and on-tap as often as we want. I work at a bar with 49 taps, and this just came in. I noticed it in the back. I don’t think they want us to re-use them because of liability reasons. I have to get a gas line and beer line to test it.

You could probably reuse it as much as you like, but (most likely) for legal purposes and spoilage, being plastic, the official word is one time use. Lawyers.

Ok, I went to the web site and from at least one of the picutres (illustrations) it appears that this is a container that holds what appears to be a huge plastic (hopefully pet) bottle with some rigging to make it compatible with a sankey tapping system…It appears that it is shipped to the brewer empty and then filled by the brewer…One of the things mentioned is that will keep the costs lower to the brewer, because once returned they are just sent to recylcing…or according the buyback program the company then cleans and sends back out cleaned re-assembled and ready to be filled…(many many many debates on people not returning kegs)

So this appears to be some sort of huge tap-a-draft, with sankey ability…In the FAQ I love their little disclaimer…

Can I get just one for my homebrew?
We’d love to send you just one or two PubKegs, but we don’t want to mislead you. Here at PubKeg, we have created what we feel is the best one-way keg out there. That being said, because it is a one-way keg, it probably isn’t the best fit for your home brew. Because it is made of recyclable plastic, we recommend that the internal parts be replaced after each use. We don’t want to discourage your interest in the PubKeg, humble home brewers, but we do feel that there are better options out there for you. Once your beer gets famous and you are shipping it all over the world to be enjoyed, come back and find us. We might just be the perfect fit for you then!

What the heck homebrewers can be some of the most sanitary folks out there…Seems like this company doesn’t want to tap a very very very eager market…

I’m not sure that this is an “eager market.” Corney kegs are cheaper, easier to sanitize, have a smaller footprint, are more robust and will have a longer lifespan. And they’re proven. The only benefit I see to a pubkeg is if you already have a sanke tap and don’t want to spend $12 for the ball/pin-lock connectors.

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