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Pseudo Lager?

Brewed up a 2.5 gallon pseudo lager this past weekend, using grain bill from Dawson’s Sustainor 2. Also using Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager that was used to lager at warm temps in recent Brewing TV episode.

I pitched my 1L starter of 2124 into 60F wort and left it in my basement where ambient temps are 50-53F. Fermentation kicked off within 4 hours and has been going steady since. Let’s assume a 5* increase in temp and say my fermenting wort is around 58F. That is within the range of this yeast, so technically we are lagering, but I have no place to actually “lager”.

So, can I just leave this sit on the cake for 3-4 weeks, then bottle as usual? or should I d-rest it after 2 weeks, then secondary and leave at 53F for an extended amount of time? If the 2nd option is the way to go would I need to add a little yeast to my bottling bucket?

I would raise the temp for 2-3 days for a d-rest just to be safe.

Letting it sit in the 50’s isn’t really lagering. If you can get it cold I’d keep it around 35F for 4-10 weeks depending on how long you can be patient. If you don’t have a way to bulk lager, then bottle it after 3 weeks, let the bottles sit at room temp to carb, then put your bottles in the fridge to lager for a few weeks. I prefer to bulk lager, but recently I brewed a Vienna Smoked Lager and had no choice but to lager the batch in the bottles. It worked out just fine.

i realize this isn’t really lagering, i do have a porch that, during this time of year stays anywhere from 33-40F, i just didn’t want to go from 55F to 33F in a day. Just curious how my results will be leaving it set at 55F for 3-4 weeks on the cake like a normal ale will turn out.

I bet with three to four weeks youll be fine. Like dobe12 said. Just leave the bottles warm to carb then leave in your fridge for a while. Should have good beer on your hands.

I assume that it’ll be just fine, almost like fermenting an ale at low end temps. Diacetyl is my only real concern, but with enough yeast and 3-4 weeks i’m thinking it should clean up on it’s own. I’ll take a taste and hydro sample here in 10 days to see if a d-rest is needed, if not we’ll let it fly.

I should have just fermented at 66F like normal, per the brewing tv episode but couldn’t resist the cool air of my basement for a little cleaner profile. I’m still making an “americanized” maibock though

I think you went thte right route by letting the yeast be as close to real lager temps as possible. I wouldnt even touch it untill the three weeks is up. Lager yeast needs that time alone. Its the more brooding of the two yeasts.

so i’d say 2 weeks on yeast + another week of dry hopping, then bottle as normal would turn out just fine? is that the general consensous? I was actually thinking i would let the yeast work for 3 weeks at current temps, then put my ferm out into my porch and age it another 3 weeks at 35F. With a week left dry hop and bottle as normal, possibly adding half a pack of US05 at bottling.

Does the 2nd option sound reasonable?

Or should i bottle as usual after 3 weeks on yeast cake?

I 100% suggest your second option that gives the beer a total of 6 weeks. You’ll be happy you did.

I dont lager as long as others. I have made two. The first I did like I was used to doing. 2 weeks primary. 2 weeks secondary. Bottle.

Turns out that wasnt even close to what lager yeasts call ideal.

The second one I primaried for 30 days. D-rest for 4 days. Lagered 30 days. I was MUCH happier with this one. Because I let the yeasts have time to work.

I learned not to rush my beers, and Im glad I did. You will be too.


yep 2nd option is the one for me! i’m no stranger to the patience game. first one was the hardest, but currently sitting at around 10 batches in 6 months. with a 2 yr old and another born this past november it’s hard to find a ton of time, plus the time to consume. labor of love. This lager is just so new to me, the challenge had to be done though. Age away!

I’ve currently got a CDA/Black IPA that’s been sitting on yeast for a month. Dry hopping this week, then straight to bottles. At 150+ IBUs that sucker may sit a while in bottles as well.

Nice. Patience is ttally key. Ive been wanting to make a CDA too… Hmm maybe next brew.

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