Protien rest percentages

Hey all, working on a Mexican Lager for Cinco de Mayo! Wanted to be sure I had enough 6-row for the corn and rice… Any thoughts on this one?

(38.6%) 6-Row
(38.6%) 2-Row
(11.4%) Flaked Corn
(11.4%) Flaked Rice
(16.4IBU liberty and White Labs Mexican lager yeast)

For process, we were planning on adding all but the two row for a 30 minute protein rest at 122, then adding the two-row and warmer water to bring the total temp up to 149-151 for a 60 minute rest before a fly sparge at 170.

Let me know!

IMO, that’s way too long a rest at 122. You may very well ruin the head and body of the beer. I’d recommend no more than 10 min. at 122 or 15 min. at 131.

You could get some amylase to add to your mash. That’s a lot of rice and corn. Alternatively, you could drink beer on Cinco de Mayo. Sorry. I kid because I care.

He’s got plenty of enzymes there without amylase.