Protein Rest?

I noticed the NB recipe for the Belgian Wit recommends a 20 minute 122 degree protein rest. The recipe uses about 20% unmalted grain. I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about whether this is necessary or not. How To Brew says it’s not unless you have more than 25% unmalted or undermodified malts.

SO, is this step really necessary?

Not to say you shouldn’t do one, but it’s not necessary. My Belgian Wit is 50% Pils, 50% flaked wheat. I do a simple single infusion mash with a batch sparge. One of my most widely praised beers.


Don’t do it. I protein rested a witbier once and it turned out crystal clear and watery. Protein rests are never necessary in the 21st century. Make it easy on yourself and skip it – you won’t be sorry.