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Protein rest for wheat malt?

I’m going to brew a cream ale later today that has both flaked corn and malted wheat. Does the wheat malt need a protein rest :?:

If I were brewing it I’d do a protein rest at 122 deg.

Don’t ever do a protein rest unless you want your wheat beer to turn out crystal clear with poor head retention. I’ll probably never ever do a protein rest again. It can cause more harm than it might, in theory, help.

Protein rest isn’t needed with well modified malts, even with protein-rich grains like wheat. If you were using traditionally processed German malts, then a protein rest is recommended. But not otherwise.

I agree with the earlier comment/s about protein rests in most case it is not needed with today’s malts and exactly-your wheat beer will have tons of clarity, but lower than normal compounds that aid in head formation now. I also will never find the need for a protein rest unless using under modified malt.
A cream ale shouldn’t contain tons of corn and wheat(most recipes I have seen anyway) so the following would typically never be needed in your case.

Beta-Glucan rest.

I wonder if you were misunderstanding rests here? Or you only wondered about protein rest.
The reason I make the mention of this rest is because if you were to mash TONs(Like 50+%) of the grist with oats, wheat, rye, flaked adjuncts etc… It is beneficial to run a beta glucan rest before saccrification/sugar conversion rests. It can aid the lauter of these adjuncts because it is a gum breaking rest to help prevent stuck/(think thick, gummy, porridge) mash.

Another thing many do if using less than but close to 50% is supplement the grist with rice hulls to aid in lauter. I personally have done mashes with close to 50% wheat etc… and with a smidge of rice hulls, I have never had a stuck mash. But some do therefore a beta glucan rest can aid-YRMV.

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