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Proper way to add Coriander and Orange Peel?

OK, so I did a La Petite Orange and it turned out great, so I brewed another to add Coriander and Orange Peel.

What is the “proper” way to add Coriander and Orange Peel to the SECONDARY??? …I have read some people simply crush and pitch, or pop open the bag of peel and pitch, while others say you need to boil them, or soak them in other alcohol to kill any nasties, etc.

Which is “correct?”

For my latest brew, I simply crushed the Coriander in my wife’s coffee grinder (after cleaning and sanitizing the grinder), but simply pitched the orange peel from the vacuum pouch (both purchased from NB).

At kegging, everything “seemed” to look, smell, and taste OK, but now that it has sat in my keg for two weeks carbonating, the first pour has me concerned - doesn’t smell like a delicious brew, and a lot cloudier than it should given the Irish Moss I used. Granted, it was at room temp (65 degrees or so), and hadn’t been chilled, but…

Now…yes…IF my keg somehow didn’t get cleaned well enough (slim chance, but a chance none-the-less), then I may have some contamination in that aspect of the process, BUT…

Did I put my brew at risk by pitching them as I did? Do I “need” to sterilize Coriander and Peel from the NB packages? What is the “proper” way to add those to a Secondary?

Thanks much! …I tried searching forums, but did not find a specific answer. …and the brew is in the fridge to chill and hopefully “settle” whatever might be in there, so I can suck it out. We shall see.

First pull off the keg?

Yes - two glasses worth.

Will work. In secondary. What i do about 30 min into the boil. Do add orange peel and coriander. In a muslin bag. Into the boil

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You can just throw it in the boil no need to bag it and no your beer is not contaminated just cloudy. Relax it’s pretty hard to " contaminate" your beer. Contrary to popular belief you can brew beer by just washing your stuff.

I have been saying that for years. Sometimes we overkill sanitizing. Not saying to be sloppy, just keep it clean and use some kind of sanitizer.

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Toss it in works. But the coriander clots my transfer pump. Thats why muslin bag i do use

I agree with you, BUT, the sanitation concerns need to be talked about post boil and through out the whole fermentation … No exceptions there. Sneezles61

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