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Propane usage

I was just wondering how many 5 gal batches everyone gets with a 20 # tank of propane .
Of course the length of boil and different equipment will affect this but just looking for an average guess. thanks.

I get about 3-4 batches per tank using a Bayou Classic SP10 for heating strike water, sparge water and boiling. I typically boil 60-75 minutes.

Same as K.C.[3-4]

Sounds about right. Never really paid attention. Save yourself the inevitable headache and grab 2 tanks.


A second tank means you can use the first till it craps out, and then just connect another tank. I like to burn all the propane I buy.

I tend to get 4 batches per tank, fwiw.

6-8 with the Blichmann, but I often heat my sparge water on the kitchen gas range.

Dang. I’ve been hoping for some Blichmann responses, but it sounds like you cheat a little. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about “upgrading” to a low pressure Blichmann.

Only because I mostly brew on my back deck which is right outside of the kitchen. The Blichmann is nice when doing your boil as you can turn it way down and still maintain a good boil. At some point I’d like to get a NG quick disconnect plumbed in where the line goes into the kitchen and leave propane behind.

I get about the same as you with my Blichmann burner and a full all grain setup. I started out using a 30 qt turkey fryer and I would get 12-14 extract batches out of 1 tank.

I usually get four to five 60-minute boils with this


Having a second tank on hand has saved me on a number of occasions, except for the one time I let both tanks run dry. :oops:

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