Propane cooker getting weak

I’ve got a Superb PC-100 propane cooker that has served me well for about 10 years now. However, even with a new propane tank, I noticed that the burner just will not burn as high as it used to.

Is it possible the regulator is not putting out 1 psi any more?

The burner looks clean with no obstructions.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

My Superb bunner did the same thing. I took it to a propane place to ask them to look at it. He said it was the size of the pot I was using. The large diameter was preventing enough air flow out to allow the gas to burn properly. That night I took it out to test it without a pot and it seemed to burn much better. Now if you haven’t changed pots recently I have no idea.

A bug crawled up in the gas line?

I get spiders making their home in the air inlet of my burners, once in a while. A quick blast from an air compressor will probably push out more than you expect.

Nope, not the case here. I’ve been using the same brew kettle for 10 years too. Got them both at the same time (and the same place: Northern Brewer of course).

I’ll try a blast of compressed air on the burner to see if anything comes out. I’ll also try to make sure there’s nothing in the gas line from the regulator. Although, I’m not sure how to do that. The line is permanently connected to the regulator.

What temperature was it when you were brewing? If it is cold enough, the valve on the propane tank can ice up on the inside and restrict gas flow. Only a problem in sub-freezing temperatures and when for some reason there is a lot of water vapor mixed in with the fuel, but these days I wrap a towel around the valve during winter brewing.

Check the hose for cracks & leaks. I had one about 10 years old and it had some cracks in it and they started to leak then the hose started on fire. Had to replace the hose and regulator because it was one unit.