Propane burner?

Hello I am sorry if this has been ask before but I just tested my new burner that I got for Christmas to day. An I have a few safety ?. First ? is when I go to lite the burner I smell a little gas I thinking that normal. But I also hear a like a lite hissing noise has the burner is on. The burner is like one of these off a Blichmann burner the wide with a lot of burner hole. I been used a jet burner before this one so I guessing the noise is the gas run into the burner I mean this is one quiet burner by the way I guess it so quiet what I am hearing is the gas ruining into the burner. I just wanting to know if this normal because I don’t want to blow myself up or the hole block up

All is most likely normal. On lighting you will have some odor because the gas flow begins just before the ignition. The hissing sound probably comes from the gas flowing through small diameter jets. Low pressure regulators will also produce some unusual sounds in normal operation. As long as your flame is blue at the base with a yellow tip your burner is functioning as it should. An all yellow flame would indicate an unbalanced combustion and create more soot.

I’ve gotten to the point where I hook it up, crack the valve wide open fer maybe 5 seconds, close it, then wait. I usually will fill my HLT with water, then light my burner. I’ve had a few times where I hook it up, light the extendo lighter , then turn on the gas, half throttle and get a scary KFB! (Ker f%&*ing BOOM). Problem solved, fer me any ways! Sneezles61

Have the lighter lit, by the burner as you slowly open the gas valve.