Does anyone proof their yeast?

I had call to make my first starter this weekend (trying to save a batch started from store bought cider…)

Made the starter from a couple apples, 3 c water and a couple tbsp brown sugar. Used 71B 1122, rehydrated.
20 hours later, no bubbling in the airlock.

I get that I might not be able to ferment the store bought cider, but the starter should be going along merrily!

Thinking back, it didn’t seem like I got any foamy/creamy look to the yeast when I rehydrated it. Makes me wonder if it was bad, and led me to articles about proofing after hydrating, by adding just a bit of sugar.

Anyone do that, or should I expect a bit of foam just hydrating the yeast?

I find that sometimes dry yeast takes more than 24 hours to show that it’s working.