Pro brewing opportunity

Hey, been a while since I posted. But I was hoping to reconnect here to publicize an opportunity here to the forum (I have been a registered member since early 2005, but couldn’t get in my account. It’s been a while maybe the database was renewed).There is a guy, Matt Vann, ace BBQ man, who is looking to start a brew pub east of Cleveland OH. He is looking for somebody to handle the beer side of things. Smaller operation to start, you know how it goes. But this guy already runs 1 restaurant and is an award winning BBQ pit master, looking for the other side of things. Anybody looking for an opportunity to take it professional, send an email to the following address: The guy’s BBQ is legit and he is serious about this gig.

Barbecue and microbrew, doesn’t get much better than that. We go to the local microbrewery on Saturday nights for the babyback rib special, full rack and two sides for $13.

You’ll get a lot more applicants if you post a topic in the “help wanted” section of

Good call…there is also the “Going Pro” section of the forum onthe AHA website,