ok so the recipe calls for putting the priming sugar in the bucket bottling
bucket before transferring the beer into it. I would think it would be better
to do it after so you know exactly how much beer you have. Am I wrong on
this? :roll:

If you dont know how much beer you have then i wouldnt add it till after. Then just gently stir after you add it.

Unless your grossly off you should be fine adding it before. This will help mixing it into the beer. But every six or eight beers I would gently re-stir.

If you have your fermentor marked for however many gallons you are brewing, it might make this step easier. I’ve just starting out brewing again and have had to address this issue brewing 5 gallon batches. I put a piece of tape on the outside of the carboy at that level so I know how much I have. I’m no expert…just learning as I go.