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Priming with Yeast

I have a Belgian Dubbel that im racking in the secondary for about three months to mellow out and mesh with some spices i have soaking. I’ve used regular priming sugar for the first two batches i’ve made and they were a success but im told that with brews that rack in the secondary for so long may not have enough yeast left to carbonate when bottle primed so im considering using yeast. The only problem is im stumped on just how much yeast i should use.

I’ve trolled a bunch of forum topics and other forums but the main thing i see is “some yeast”, but no specific idea of just how much. I don’t want to over do it, if thats possible and I def don’t want to change much of the flavor im getting so any input would be greatly appreciated. It’ll be for a regular five gallon batch.

1-2g dry yeast works up to about 1.060, then up to 5g for stronger beers.

I’m sure you know this, but you still want to add priming sugar. :cheers:

I did not actually, I wasn’t sure to be completely honest. Ok so priming sugar and 1-2 grams dry yeast. Ok thanks, i really appreciate it!

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