Priming with lager yeast

I’ve been tapped to try and brew a beer similar to Erdinger snow wies. What I’ve found from Internet searching is the way they get their nice effervescent is priming with lager yeast and un fermented wort . Sounds tricky, anyone have suggestions

I’ve read that about a few other brews that are bottled condition… Not been much if any talk about dosing, by the bottle or to the bulk before bottling…. Good topic Sneezles61

I know you prime in the keg and that may be an option to expieriment . At least you won’t get bottle bombs. I thing one would have to finish fermentation completely and then add wort to the beer to increase the OG to a certain place to control the conditioning. When I get home tonight I’m going to look some more on the Internet.

I laid myself off for a few days so I’ll go looking also… I wondered about this question many times in the past…. Sneezles61

Here’s a link to krausening.

I was at winning home-brews, look at beer science and scroll down you’ll see about krausening… I thought it was a good read. Sneezles61

The tricky part here is coming up with the wort to use in place of your sugar. While you can make up a batch of worth without much problem, the trick is getting the correct amount to add to carbonation while not over carbonating it. To me it looks like it’s a similar process to making a yeast starter. But then you add that to your beer before kegging or bottling it.

I think I would save some of the sort of the beer I intend to bottle?

Again, read that one I mentioned, there is an equation to the method and it almost made sense to me! Sneezles61

It was an interesting article I’ll have to read it again. Flars link didn’t give as many details why but had an easy formula.

I thought the formula was easy, until he showed it in the algabretic form…. Thats when I looked back at the easy formula…. Sneezles61

Yea I thought it looked easy until he explained it.