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Priming with cider

First off, I’m sure this topic has been covered before, but I did an exhaustive search and found nothing. Sorry if I’m repeating topics.

So, can you prime with unfermented cider? I would assume it’s basically like krausening beer, but I’ve never done it nor heard of anyone with any success? I’d rather prime with that than corn sugar.

I have 15 gallons almost done fermenting and I’d like to keep half of it still and carbonate the rest.

My OG for all three ciders was around 1.055 and I’m hovering around 1.010 right now. I have no idea how much cider to use for priming even if it is possible. Any info would be helpful.


I’ve thought about doing this as well, but heck if I can come up with any good guidance as to how much to use. I think this would take some experimentation to get it right, and some of your bottles might explode on you as part of the experiments. So… if you try it, and it works, and you don’t get injured or die from it, then let me in on how to do it!

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. But I’m curious about this as well.

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