Priming sugar?

Hi guys bottling a milk stout. Is it ok to add priming sugar after you add the beer to the bottling bucket? Forgot to add sugar first.sorry for the rookie question!

It’s ok to add the sugar afterward. Just make sure it’s stirred in very well, and be careful not to aerate your beer while stirring it in. I would also dissolve the sugar in a cup or two of water first, to aid in getting it mixed well throughout the beer.

Thank you!

You could argue that it’s actually better to add sugar after, since you can get an exact measurement of how much beer you have - as opposed to estimating what you think is in the carboy/bucket.

Like 65SS427 says, boil it in a cup or two of water, add that mixture, and stir it well - being careful to not splash.

I did exactly that! Thanks! :cheers: