Priming sugar vs Fizz drops

Disclaimer: I am a rookie.

Received a kit from NB (WH Honey Porter). It comes with Fizz drops which I had not used before. The drops did not fit through the bottle openings! Even though I am using 16Oz flip-tops which I would’ve thought would be wide enough.
I ended up crushing the drops inside a sanitized ziploc bag, but it got kind of messy.
What is the recommended ‘exchange rate’ to priming sugar? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve used both, but with the priming sugar (I use corn sugar) the ratio is 4 oz./5 gallons. This makes it hard to just bottle a few, unless you use the Carb drops (I have not used the Fizz Drops, but something similar and they fit in bottles just fine).

Some people have had luck measuring out small amounts of sugar and adding them to each bottle, but I am not sure what that amount is, but I’ve heard it can be very inconsistent.

I use table sugar (sucrose) and, depending on style, It usually takes about 1/2 cup per 5 gl. Cheaper and just as effective. Our host has a priming calculator you can use to figure out how much of whatever kind of sugar you want to use.