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Priming sugar tastes

I have a hefeweizen beer and I want a slight honey taste. Will I get that if I use honey as priming sugar?

Most likely not. Honey is 100% fermentable and leaves very little flavor. Honey flavor in a beer can be best achieved by using some honey malt with the grains. I’m not sure if the honey malt would need to be mashed or could just be steeped to get the honey flavor.


I’ve read that honey malt needs to be mashed, and I’ve read that it can be steeped. Ultimately if you could steep some honey malt and use that wort to prime your beer you would get the residual sweetness of honey you’re looking for. There’s most likely a calculator for this.

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Go easy on honey malt. To much will leave a cloying taste. Ask me how I know :rage:

@hd4mark it is unbelievable at how strong that malt is! Even at 2-3%!

@loopie_beer I was a long time ago but I think it was closer to 10 or 20%. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Bottled it and the only way to even drink the stuff was to cut it with another beer.

Most of it ended up hanging around until I dumped it.

How do you know?

10%-20%… and you were still able to drink some? That’s brutal! :grin:

S’hardcore honey badger stuff right there.

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