priming sugar question

I made a 2.5 gal version of the NB Irish Red extract kit and have it fermenting.
I just divided all of the ingredients in half.
I decided I’m going to bottle half of this probably 12 bottles.
The other half I am going to keg.

How much priming sugar should I use for the 12 bottles.
Is that the best way to carbonate the bottles?

Easiest way is to keg the entire batch, then fill some bottles off the keg. You can use a picnic tap and a length of racking cane (stuck in the end of the tap) to fill the bottles and it helps to have the bottles very cold and the pressure on the keg set to where it just pushes the beer out (to minimize foam).

So I have beer in the Primary fermentor now so you’re saying I can skip the bottling bucket and just put it straight into the keg and carbonate that. Then get the beer into cold bottles using tap,etc.
Sounds easy.
Does my keg have to be cold? When do I have to start refrigerating my keg?
Thanks much!!!

[quote=“crud99”]Does my keg have to be cold? When do I have to start refrigerating my keg?[/quote]Kegs carbonate better when cold, so I usually cold-crash the fermenter for a couple of days, then rack to the keg and move to the kegerator to start carbonating. You’ll want the beer cold when you fill the bottles or you’ll lose carbonation and end up with lots of foaming.