Priming sugar instead of force

I only have one spare fridge to force carbonate in. Usually 12lb set it and forget it. So with a 20 gallon batch 3 kegs are sitting in line waiting. I decided to prime them so they will be carbed without waiting and using no CO2 just table sugar. Used NBs handy carbonation calculator for the Belgian that was one on draft, one in the fridge with 12lbs on it and sugar in the two remaining. Put on the first primed one last night and it is way over carbed. :evil: Years ago I thought you needed less sugar to prime one keg than 50 bottles. Is this the case?

I have tamed the foam some by leaving the CO2 off and pouring pitchers then letting them calm down.

I do it sometimes. I use half what the sugar that I would use for 5 gallons. Try releasing all the pressure in the keg then hook the gas back up at 12 I think that will equalize it

Thanks BC. That is kind of what I’m doing to calm it down. Funny thing is that if I pull the pressure relief valve it scares the you know what out of one of our dogs. When I go to clean an empty either it or the dog has to go outside. We got him from a rescue at about two years old so who knows why it bothers him so much.

Good tip on halving the sugar. It’s been a long time since I primed a keg.

they hate the sound of a keg when it kicks. Like the rest of us I guess.

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