Priming sugar in keg

First thing, priming in keg uses less priming sugar. When I keg prime the amount of sugar is usually less than half to bottle carbonate. When I want to bottle prime and keg the same batch I attach mt bottling wand to the hose, use carb drops to prime those bottles, deduct that volume, and keg prime using the calculator on “Beersmith”. If I am bottling 12 bottles I’m usually down to less than 2 ozs. of priming sugar in the keg. Iwant to get the keg beer under CO2 and purge the O as quickly as possible. I hope this helps.

Yeah that helps in the past I have used carb drops to bottle and just forced carbed my keg,but was not really impressed on how the carbonation turned out so I thought I would try it this way.Thanks for the input!

The wisdom is that the accumulative head space of the bottles is less than the head space in the keg. So you need less sugar to prime the keg verses the bottles.

If you are going to prime in the keg and bottle right away, I would use the normal amount of sugar for bottle priming. As the keg head space will be greatly increased after filling a 12pk.

If you are going to fill the bottles in 3 weeks, then use the reduced amount of sugar.