Priming Sugar - corn sugar verses cane

Is there any real difference between Priming Sugar (Corn Sugar) and cane sugar as for how well they carbonation the beer or give any kind of unwanted taste to the beer?

Would you use the same amount of cane as corn sugar?


Use 5% less (by weight) cane versus corn. The quality or character of the carbonation will not be impacted by your choice of fermentable as long as you use the correct amount.

For 5 gallons of beer, if you normally use 3/4 cup corn sugar, try just 5/8 cup of cane sugar, as it is indeed a little bit “stronger”. Since no one really has a 5/8 measuring cup, try a good heaping half a cup, or a scant 2/3 cup. And yes, I measure my sugar by volume, not by weight, and no, this has never caused me any problems.

The priming calculator on Nb’s website offers priming amounts for different kinds of sugars. It’s very useful if you want to experiment or substitute. The other thing to remember is that if you keg carbonate the sugar amounts are alot less.

5/8 cup is 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp.

I’ll add to what the others have said, I have not noticed a difference in the level of carbonation or the flavor of the final product. Cane sugar is much cheaper, so is hands down the way to go IMO.

I have always bottled with corn sugar, mostly out of habit. Still, I measure sugar by weight depending on how many volumes of co2 I want which is different depending on the beer style. I generally don’t bottle over 3 volumes co2 in standard beer bottles, so as to not risk bottle bombs.

Here’s a good priming calculator:

It shows amounts to use for corn sugar or granulated sugar.