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Priming Solution Temp

Making my first 5gal batch of dead ringer and the instructions say bring the priming sugar and water to a boil and pour it into the bottling bucket. Then transfer your beer into the bucket. I feel like it should cool down before I transfer the beer into the bucket? No?



You are boiling 2 cups of water/sugar. By the time you add .5-1 gallon of beer, the priming solution will be at the same temp as the beer. You may kill 1-2% of your yeast. But there will be plenty to carbonate the bottles.

Is there any reason not to cool it down? I alway let it cool down while I sanitize my bottles

While not necessary to cool it, IMO it’s best practice. If you’re in a hurry, an ice water bath will cool down such a small volume to a reasonable temp in a flash.

I’m in the not-cool crew.
Wait a second.
Make that the don’t-cool crew.

I used to cool but I don’t anymore. I’ve had no issues with carbonation since I stopped cooling.

I don’t cool it either. Just boil for 5 minutes or so to drive out oxygen. I pull it off the heat for a few minutes and then dump it into the bottling bucket and rack on top of it. The whirlpool from the beer going in mixes the solution nicely with the beer.

I cool, but I’m typically bottling just a small portion of my batch from a thin-walled PET jug, and PET can get unhappy if exposed to boiling liquids. If I was using a real bottling bucket, I wouldn’t bother.

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