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Priming a BDS

Hey All. I keg most beer but some styles like Belgian Dark Strong I prefer to bottle condition.
Instead of sugar I would like to try something a little different.
I’m thinking D-90 or D-120. Maybe even honey. Never used any of these to prime with before.
Looking for some feedback as to flavor/ carbonation profile. I’m using NB priming calculator so
I could possibly mix all 3 but that seems like overkill. I plan on ageing this beer for months/years.
Thanks in advance. Cheers and Beers.

Now honey would be an interesting primer… Sneezles61

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I’ve always found bottle priming hard to get perfect. I would go with what your familiar with. Hate to see you ruin an otherwise good beer by being over or under carbonate. Not going to make a noticeable difference in the beer anyway. Just my opinion though


Dark Belgian candi sugar sounds easy enough…and would be true to style…

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Thanks for the replies.
I do have time and money in this beer and the last thing I want to do is mess up the carbonation.
I cant make up my mind so what the heck time to experiment.

Rack 2 gallons to Bottling Bucket with 2.35oz. sucrose and bottle.
Rack another 2 gallons with 3.7oz. D-90 candi syrup and bottle.
Rack the final 1 gallon with 1.6oz. honey.

My biggest worry is proper mixture of the primers without oxygenation.
At 3.3 vol. I don’t want some at 2.3 and others at 4 or above.
Possible bottle bomb type situation. I must be careful.
Sometime in December I’ll do a side by side by side tasting.

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Sounds as though you are able to have fun with brewing and tinkering… Sneezles61

Do u have the right bottles?

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Yes. I have various size Belgian bottles but you do bring up a good point uncdeo.
As far as 12 oz. bottles I wouldn’t use Sierra Nevada which weights 6.85 ounces.
Nor would I use Sam Adams which weights 7.15 ozs.
The 12 oz bottles that I will use weight 9.5 ozs. and once held high carbonated beer.

So I’ll have a mixture of corked and wired, swing tops and capped 12 ouncers.
Still have to be careful though. Bottling this weekend.

So by now you must have tried some of these… you know… for science.

Yeah, use what works. You’d need so little candi syrup or candi sugar to carb that it wouldn’t really make a difference, in addition to uncertain carb levels. I mean, if it was such a great idea, don’t you think the Belgians would be doing it?

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