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Primiary Fermatation stopped after 3-4 days

So I am working on my 1st batch of home brew, all went well, using an extract kit, stuff bubbled like crazy after 12 hours or so. Now about 72 + hours after it stopped in the primary fermentation stage. when stiring it up (shaking) it goes for 2-3 min and then stops again.

is it ready to go to the carboy? what is the issue and what can I do?

What was the OG? Did you use dry yeast? Have you checked FG?

Chances are it has completed fermentation. Its not really odd for most of my ales to finish the bulk amount of fermentation in 3 or 4 days.

STOP SHAKING OR STIRRING. You are going to introduce oxygen in your fermented beer which will cause oxidation. This will result in a stale cardboard tasting beer. NEVER shake or rapidly stir after fermentation.

depending on the conditions, it is entirely possible it is done fermenting. but let it sit in the fermenter for another week for safe measure. the remaining yeast will clean up after themselves a bit and drop out of suspension. which is what you want.

never judge a fermentation by bubbles. the only way to KNOW its done is to take gravity readings a few days apart. if the reading is the same, then it’s most likely reached final gravity. be patient, it’le probably be alright

for what its worth. I’ve seen nottingham dry yeast bring a low gravity ale to final gravity in less than 48 hours

If it’s only bubbling for 2-3 minutes after you agitate, it’s probably just CO2 that was dissolved in the beer being forced out by the shaking.

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