prime dose

Hi everyone,

Just finished bottling. I am new to brewing, (couple of batches), I just used Prime Dose. I guess this might sound weird, but I put the capsules in the bottles. Did not need to open capsules? :?

The capsules dissolve, however how long it takes I hear varies. When you use corn sugar you can normally get some decent carbonation after a week or so, I’ve heard it takes longer to dissolve the capsules sometimes like 2 weeks,. I have also heard stories where even after a month the don’t completely dissolve and can pour out into your cup. The second scenario is worse case and even still the sugars should have been released and the beer should be carbed.

Thank you for the response. :cheers:

Hi Garlotta,

The capsules are designed to be put straight into the bottle without any other handling. As Wmwadeii inferred, a few people ran into situations where the capsules failed to dissolve. Shoot us a message if that ends up happening to you (although percentages were pretty low).


I will let you know. Four days into them being in the bottle, many capsules did not dissolve yet. Although, they seemed have have increased in size. Some look like they have opended up, but capsule material still there. Might be too early like some responders have indicated.

I shot a message and they replied quickly. no problem, I was told to to open the capsule and dump in the goodies! I don’t bottle too often, so I will brew a batch tomorrow and try to bottle a twelver just because!! Sneezles61

Never used those capsules but use brewers best prime drops, they look like candy, never had a problem dissolving

Thank you for all responses. Still waiting to dissolve day 6. (most just expanded.) :?

Hi everyone,

It has been 11 days. Some capsules have separated or collapsed. Capsule material, for the most part is still there.


I am not happy with prime dose. It might work fine for some, but it is over three weeks and the capsules are still there. Some have opened up or fell apart. So, the sugar and yeast are in the beer. I will try a few beers this week. I don’t know if I would ever use them again.

I don’t blame you. I use corn sugar when I bottle a full batch. I only use the tabs if Im only bottling a couple.