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Prime Dose

Has anyone tried the Prime Dose carb pills that NB is selling?

Just curious.

Yeah, I saw those in the last catalog as well. I am a little curious to see if they are worth buying before dropping the cash for them.

Yeah, the way NB is pimping them, you’d think Christ came down and delivered them himself.

I’m really new to this, but I just bottled my second batch (Whitehouse Honey Ale) and used prime dose. The first batch I did was American Wheat which came with the deluxe kit, not sure if I primed the right amount of sugar but the beer tasted really good though there was inconsistency with the carbonation of the bottles. Thought I’d try prime dose for this one, I’ll post in a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

I’m looking forward to reading your results, Dave.

I just purchased a bottle of PD from NB. I am testing them on some 22oz bottles of surely smoke that did not do well carbonating. I tried them on four bottles as a test. I only added 3 tablets since I had some carbonation already. I’ll pop one open in two weeks and let you know how it worked out.

Maybe Wil Wheaton recommended them.

I used them in a sour (Flanders Red) that I submitted to a competition and the judges said the carbonation was too low. I have some RIPA that I made with a small batch, so I used the PD when I bottled that this past week - will try a test bottle next weekend to see…it uses CBC yeast and sugar, so it should work.

I was curious about these too. Especially because I think different beer styles should be carbed differently and I don’t see how these can take that into consideration.

That’s a little concerning as the BJCP guidelines says a Flanders Red should be low-to-medium carbonation.

They do seem like a good idea for small or experimental batches, especially if long aging was used.

Is there any further news on this? I’d be very interested to learn whether this product works well.

I use Prime Dose capsules in my 12 oz. bottles for conditioning for a period of 6 weeks. When I put 2 capsules in a bottle, I get good carbonation. For a test, I put 1 capsule in one 12 oz. bottle and got low carbonation. I’ll go with the recommended 2 capsules for a 12 oz. bottle.

I believe giving them time and warmth is the key. While my sours didn’t carb in time for a comp, if you can give them time, they I work perfectly well. I like the concept for bottling lesser volumes, such as drawing off a gallon or so from a Solera - no need to compute the addition - just 2 tabs for a 12 oz, 3 for a 16 - not sure about greater volumes, such as bombers, but linearly it would suggest as many as 4 for 22ozs. It also worked on a barley wine that never carbed up well due to the primary yeast pooping out - I added the Dose and 3 weeks later - pop goes the weasel when I opened the flippy. The longer you can wait - I suspect it will be better.

I tried Prime Dose in my last batch of Nettle Ale, 2 capsule per 12 oz bottle, and they did pretty much nothing. I’ve let the bottled beer sit around a month now and most I’ve tried have either no carbonation at all, or just a slight fizz. Previously I had been using regular organic sugar and got more carbonation than I have with Prime Dose.

Luckily I got the Prime Dose no charge, so I don’t feel too ripped off… other than the flat ale!

It sounds like the jury is still out on this one. I think for now, I’ll just stick with the corn sugar. One of these days, I’ll keg, but that’s a whole other story.

I picked up a bottle of Prime Dose recently, I have a half batch that I did that for whatever reason has refused to carb, so I’m thinking of testing it out on those. But the main reason I bought the PD caps is that I’m brewing a 120 minute IPA that supposedly the only way to carb it is to put it in a keg and apply co2 since the yeast will run out of go before bottling time. So we’ll see how it goes…

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