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Prime Dose Capsules Not Dissolving?

As the title says. It’s been about two weeks and the porter I bottled is carbonated perfectly and tastes great, but when I poured it these big chunks came out. At first I thought it was just a lot of sediment in that particular bottle. But then they floated to the top and what I found was the over bloated gelatinous remains of the prime dose capsules. I have confirmed they are in other bottles as well. I have used these before and never had this problem. The only thing I can think of is the cooler weather and where they were stored in the house. Anybody else ever heard or encountered this before?

CJ87, sorry to hear about the issue with the prime dose. We’ve experienced that a few times, but issues with it been really few and far between.

We recently investigated to figure out where it could have come from, and contacted our manufacturer of the gel capsules. The manufacturer determined that due to some weather conditions at the time of production in one particular batch, some capsules (less than 1%) crystallized a bit. That crystallization will make it harder for them to dissolve. Agitating the bottles and giving it more time may allow the capsules to dissolve fully. We don’t foresee having this issue going forward.

We can replace your prime dose, as this issue seems to be present in the entire bottle when we’ve ran into it. If the capsules don’t dissolve after some agitating and letting it sit, then we’ll replace your beer ingredients for the batch, too.

I’d stress that any crystallized capsules will not negatively affect the batch aside from aesthetics.

Okay I will try and agitate them and see if that helps. I have another batch conditioning as well with these but it’s a pale ale so fortunately I can actually see into these bottles if they are still there. I couldn’t do that with the porter. I normally wouldn’t care about aesthetics, but the only thing is I brewed both of these beers for a friends wedding so I am a little more concerned about that for these beers. Hopefully agitating them and maybe storing them in a warmer part of the house will help.

I have the same problem.

I bottled about a third of a 10 Gallon Batch using the PrimeDose capsules, I know they have longer to carbonate but after a week the capsules are still there. From reviews of people successfully using the capsules they should dissolve in 30 min.I’ll still drink the beer but I’m not going to gift any of these and capsules in the beer will not win any competitions. seemed like a good Idea but I don’t think I’ll take the risk of doing this again.

although a pain maybe I’ll just dump the contents of the capsules in the bottles If I am only doing a few and kegging the rest.

although a pain maybe I’ll just dump the contents of the capsules in the bottles If I am only doing a few and kegging the rest.[/quote]

After my first trial with prime dose didn’t go well, I tried just that the other day. You need to be quick. You have about 10-15 seconds until the powder in the capsules causes the beer to foam like crazy. Take the top off of two capsules, dump them in simultaneously and cap immediately.

I just hope that the capsules themselves aren’t made of some form of fermentable sugar that is calculated into the priming equation.

Normally Prime Dose has worked very well for me and this was a first. Unfortunately agitating the bottles didn’t help. However I did find a small mesh filter that was put over the glasses before the beer was poured which luckily worked out fine. Plus everyone loved both beers I made and they went really fast.

It did carbonate my beer. However, the capsule material did not dissolve in mine either. The bottles sat at 70 degrees for 6 weeks. The first beer I drank from this batch, a nut brown ale, one of the capsules got into my mouth. A very horrible feel, and slimey like. I now pour my beer through a strainer to strain out the capsule material. If I ever use the remainder in the container, I will either break the capsule open or cut the end off and pour the contents into the bottle. I won’t buy this product again.

This is too bad as its a GREAT idea as it ensures carbonation, especially in big beers or well aged beers…

Mine have not dissolved after 3 weeks and agitating the bottle as suggested. Don’t waste your money and I’ll be asking for a refund.

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