Primary size question

New brewer here. I am getting ready to brew my second batch. First one is fermenting very strong. My kit came with a big mouth bubbler in 6.5 and a 5 gallon container. My first batch is going strong and needed to use a blow off tube lots and lots of krausen. I want to get the second batch going tomorrow. I have another yeast starter going and have the dead ringer kit here ready to go. Is the 5 gallon big bubbler too small for a primary? I worry as my first batch in the 6.5 g is essentially blowing krausen out the tube. Just about head room. Again major rookie here

Yes, you’re correct. The 5 gallon fermentor is really too small for primary fermentation of a 5 gallon batch. What I would do in your situation is:

  • wait til the krausen drops
  • transfer your first batch to the 5 gallon container
  • brew your second batch and start it in the 6.5

I was afraid of that. I was hoping to brew tomorrow. need to grab another 6.5 g fermenter