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Primary overheated

Anyone know what I can expect due to a horrible malfunction. I had a batch of the Hope & King Scotch Ale in the primary for 11 days. I keep my carboy in a tub of water with an aquarium heater to maintain a constant temp. Went down tonight to check on it, & although the heater was set for 70 degrees the water was actually at 102 degrees! Since the yeast’s top range is 75, I assume this killed the yeast. Assuming that fermentation was complete prior to this malfunction, what are the likely results of the beer being heated up that much at this stage?

I know high temps can cause fruitiness or give a butterscotch flavor (not the "Scotch I’m looking for)…but wouldn’t that be the case for active fermentation? How about after the primary fermentation is complete?

ps: avoid Finnex Aquarium Heaters

If active fermentation was finished, you should have little to no flavor impact. Yeast love it at that temperature, BTW. It’s where they prefer to live. Fermentations conducted at those temperatures just tend not to taste great.

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