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Primary length with bottle carbing

What’s a safe amount of time to leave beer in the primary with the hopes of bottle carbing? I’m starting to realize a few extra weeks of aging makes a big difference in my beers. Is it okay to leave in the primary for a month and still expect the yeast to do the carbing, or should I bottle after three weeks and just leave in the bottles longer?

No, don’t worry, leave it that long and maybe a bit longer if you choose. I would say that some more of the yeast drops out, but not all, so it may take a bit longer to carb…. You don’t need to be too anxious… Enjoy, Sneezles61

I typically do 3-4 weeks primary with no troubles carbing.

Hah… I’m bottle carbing an 11% barleywine that spent 11 weeks in fermentors. There’s always yeast. I rarely bottle sooner than 6 weeks. You’ve got no worries.

Thanks all! I’ll keep them in the primary for a bit longer and not worry.

If your beer has been in primary or secondary for more than 6 months, then there’s reason to be somewhat worried. Otherwise it’ll be fine. It might take a couple of extra weeks to carbonate, but it’ll get there.

Even over 6 months, it’ll probably be ok, but you start running into yeast viability issues.

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