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Primary Fermentation Question

I just brewed my 3rd batch of homebrew last night- the honey kolsch. My first two batches (american wheat, and Dead Ringer IPA) were both showing signs of fermentation after a couple of hours. This batch however, is showing no signs after 12. Should I be worried? I know this is a lower gravity/lighter beer; will that have a large effect on how the fermentation looks?


Shortest answer: it is probably fine.

Shorter answer: airlock activity/krausen doesn’t always indicate fermentation activity and vice versa. The yeast could honestly be working/growing/eating and you won’t see a krausen. Every strain is different, and really vary from yeast to yeast. Kolsch yeasts (I’m guessing WY 2565 in your case?) are notoriously finicky/idiosyncratic.

72hrs (3 days) is the point to start worrying. As stated above, some yeast take off very quickly. Some not so much. MOST fermentations will start within 12-24hrs, but some can take longer. If you get to day three, think about pitching more/new/fresh yeast.

Thanks everyone. I’ll give it some more time. I’m using the Safale US-05.

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