Primary fermentation on octoberfest

I have received an octoberfest kit. I can’t primary at 48-56 degrees, but I can secondary at 35 degrees.
Can I do this successfully?

You should get good results if you use Kolsch yeast WLP029.

You could also try US-05 as cool as you can get it. Can you take it down to the low 60s?? That could work.

Thanx. I already have Wyeast 2633 Octoberfest. Is this doable with this yeast?

The stated optimal range for that yeast is 48-58. Not sure what you’d get fermenting it in the 60s. You could sub it with Wy1007 German Ale yeast and get a very similar beer fermenting in the 60s.

If you have a swamp cooler setup you could try putting some frozen 1L water bottles in it. That’s how I ferment my lagers at 50.

I agree regarding the swamp cooler – with the Octoberfest yeast, you’re going to want to get your fermenter as cold as humanly possible, and you can do this by placing the fermenter under some damp towels or t-shirts, with a fan blowing on it, and some ice bricks in the water. Replace ice bricks 2 or 3 times daily.

Thank you very much guys. lots of help for me. Am gonna try the wyeast 1007. I assume I can lager with this yeast. Right?

If you mean cold condition it after fermentation is complete then yes you can. You can do that with any ale and gain clarity and smoothness in your finished beer.

1007 is a fantastic yeast. I think you will be happy with the results, regardless of the fermentation temperature… although as cool as possible is still best.

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